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Who are we?


Our vision is a world where each and every one has the means to have sustainable, sufficient, healthy and balanced food, to make a decent living from one’s activities and to exert one’s fundamental rights.

We, ADG, a Belgian development NGO, are legitimate and recognized for our expertise in supporting:

  • the family agricultures, the promotion of agro-ecology and the achieving of greater food sovereignty,
  • the activities of farming families in the regions where we operate,
  • responsible consumer habits and healthy diets.


To help make this vision a reality, in collaboration with our partners, we provide capacity-building to families, mainly farming families, and their members to help them exert their rights (to food, to a decent income, to sustainable access to natural resources, to collective expression and individual choices, to respect and valorization of cultural identities and non-discrimination, to education, social protection and health), through:

  • information and awareness-raising of our stakeholders in the South or in Belgium;
  • supporting local initiatives with technical, methodological, material and financial assistance;
  • improving the knowledge of these families and of the development actors;
  • promoting dialogue between farmers’ organizations, authorities and other stakeholders;
  • concerted advocacy activities when these rights are not respected.

We achieve this by paying particular attention to:

  • integrating our activities into local dynamics and evolutions, by making sure we respect and promote the key role played by local actors in the conception of activities, their implementation and monitoring;
  • taking into account the needs of all, by promoting inclusive development and paying a particular attention to vulnerable groups;
  • the sustainability of our actions from environmental, cultural, institutional, technical, economic and political points of view;
  • our responsibility and accountability towards the populations with whom we work;
  • a joint construction and sharing knowledge and skills, especially with our partners, and to involve our teams in a process of shared learning;
  • the satisfaction of our personnel and members;
  • the efficiency of our actions and of our processes;
  • our responsibility and accountability towards our donors and the organizations that finance us.


Our positioning, our actions and our processes are based on the following values: respect of others, integrity, quality work, respect of the environment, responsibility, cooperation, dialogue, critical sense and creativity, independence, commitment and coherence.