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For several decades there has been a growing inequality in the distribution of wealth, particularly between the Northern and Southern countries. At the same time, our societies are confronted to a series of crisis (financial, climate and food crisis) and many people are rightfully getting worried. However, another world is possible! But citizens must be correctly informed of the global challenges which are now at stake in order to become actors in their own destiny and take different paths.

In line with this logic, we have been carrying out significant civic education work. The priority themes addressed by ADG are:

  • food sovereignty,
  • family agriculture,
  • the realities of the Southern countries,
  • The pursuit of fair and just relations between people.

ADG’s objective is to encourage the target audiences of our civic education actions to take a stance in favour of food sovereignty and family agriculture in the fight against hunger and poverty worldwide

Adopting this position and moving to action can be done individually or collectively, privately or professionally. This can take the form of concrete actions, of citizens’ demands, of political choices, or lifestyle choices. By the choices we make as consumers, everyone of us plays a major role in the direction our future will take in the field of North-South relations and food supply.

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